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My love for soccer came from watching my kids play. I started assisting on my oldest son's third grade rec team, and continued to gain more passion for coaching over the course of a few years. I was then head coach for several rec teams. When my oldest son turned 12, we decided we wanted to find a place where his game could grow beyond recreational play. My youngest son was already playing for Thelo, and the opportunity to start a development team within Thelo for players who are serious about improving their skills was the perfect fit. With this club, I have found the support and resources to help them in that journey, as well as a great environment and the educational opportunities for myself to grow as a coach.

In addition to coaching, I serve as Fundraising Chair & Thelo Representative for North Clackamas Soccer Club. I am also on the board of Thelo United FC, serving as Secretary and Rec Club Liaison. The game of soccer has done great things for my kids, and I am forever grateful for that. I am passionate about continuing to grow the game in our area, getting as many kids playing as possible, and strengthening the relationships between the great volunteer organizations that bring the game to our community.


I started playing soccer when I was four-years-old and have thoroughly enjoyed the game ever since.  Soccer is a beautiful game, that requires creative in a way that I find different from other sports, especially without the structure of set plays.  I remember dreaming of being the next Pele or Lothar Mathias, who was a midfielder for the German national team.  I was first introduced to Lothar when my father and I would watch German soccer on the television, as channel 10 covered the sport, and was the only soccer I remember being on television.  I also remember going to one of the original Timbers games, at a very young age, before the league folded.  My father was my coach for most of my young childhood, until High School, and these were some of my fondest memories and ones I have wanted to create with my own children. 

I have three children, 13, 9 and 3, and have had the opportunity to coach both of my eldest children from the time they were in Kindergarten, through North Clackamas Soccer Club.  This has meant for the past few years, I have been the head coach for two teams.  My son and I transitioned to Thelo this year, in hopes that it can provide further growth for both of us.  I also will continue to coach my daughter’s team in the fall, with North Clackamas Soccer Club.  Coaching both teams has been an interesting experience, as I have had the opportunity to take some of the things I have learned coaching my son’s team (U14) and apply them to my daughter’s team (U10).  Over the years, we have had success and challenges when it comes to the wins and losses, but one thing has remained consistent, and that is the growth of each player as well as the team.  I believe that team sports can be an excellent opportunity to grow our youth into functioning adults, as there are many lessons learned on the soccer field, that can be applied to life. 

With that, I also believe that part of my job as coach, is not just focusing on soccer skills, but also modeling positive behavior, including sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork.  I believe that my philosophy lines up well with the expectations of Thelo and I believe this will be a tremendous opportunity for me to grow as a coach, as well as provide my children with a more competitive environment to foster their continued growth.  I also hope that my youngest son will also enjoy soccer as much as the rest of our family does, and I will be able to coach his team when he is old enough!

I currently hold an F license and plan to pursue further licenses as I start this journey with Thelo.    





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