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Tryouts Q&A

Thelo United FC Tryout Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Thelo FC! We put great care in providing the best competitive soccer experience possible. The first step for players both new and returning is to attend tryouts. Although there is no perfect tryout system, our main objective is to find the best fit for your player.

Player selection process

Selection process for all players is based upon (or determined by) tryout evaluation reports.

  • All players will be evaluated and ranked by training evaluators
  • The top 11 (highest-ranked) players are selected first
  • Remaining spots will be filled at the collaboration, discretion and recommendation of the teams head coach, the Director of Coaching, and evaluator comments
  • Thelo will sanction up to 2 teams per age group


Players are evaluated on these main components of soccer:

a) Technical:

The technical component refers to the technique of skill performance. This is the "how to perform the skill" part of the game. The "mechanics" of skill performance.

For example:

  • Where to place your non-kicking foot at the instant you strike a ball...
  • Pointing your toe down and locking your ankle when striking a ball with your instep (laces)...
  • First touch and ball control with both feet

b) Tactical:

The tactical component refers to the "decision-making" part of the game. This is the "when, why, what and where" part of the game.

For example:

  • If you have possession of the ball, should you dribble it, pass it to a teammate or shoot it...
  • If a ball has been served (passed) to you by a teammate, should you receive it, kick or pass it on your first touch or let it go...
  • 1v1 both offensive and defensive - support on and off ball on both sides (offense and defense)

c) Physical:

  • The physical component refers to the fitness part of the game. The elements of fitness include: Endurance, flexibility, agility, balance, speed, strength, power.


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