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The Thelo United FC High School program is designed to help prepare players for collegiate play and are committed to exposing them to college recruitment opportunities. Ready for the next level? What we (and colleges) are looking for from Thelo FC High School Players:

1. Stay involved off the ball.

2. Find a way to impact the game on a consistent basis, regardless of the score or what your teammates are doing.

3. Communicate in an effective manner with your coaches, teammates and parents.

4. Be a positive, responsible, autonomous personality before, during and after games.

5. School participation/results: Grades plus SAT or ACT scores (College only)

Program Cost: $400

Practices begin first week of December with 2 or 3 practices per week. Season play starts in January and runs through April. The high school commitment ends the first week of May, however, summer tournaments will be made available for those teams interested.