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Thelo AGM

Thelo Annual General Meeting
Friday, February 8th, 2019
Lake Road Firehouse
6600 SE Lake Rd. Milwaukie, OR

regular board meeting to follow


Open Board Positions

How does Thelo FC provide a great competitive soccer program at such a great price?


Thelo FC is run by volunteers from the board to our coaching/manager staff and we need your help. We will be electing board members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). We need club members to step forward and help us to continue to offer this great program to your players. The positions listed below will be open for elections this year.
If you have questions about any of these positions and their responsibilities please reach out to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you at the club’s AGM on Friday, February 9th.




  • The President shall supervise all activities of the Club and Board.

  • This member shall chair the Executive Committee and shall be the presiding Officer at all club meetings.

  • They shall be the registered agent for the corporation with the State of Oregon.

  • The President shall be the ex-officio member of all committees, shall appoint committees as needed or when charged to do so by a majority of the elected officers.

  • The President shall investigate all injuries and maintain a file of insurance claims.

  • The President or his/her designated alternate shall act as the Club's voting representative at the Oregon Youth Soccer Association's Annual General Meeting.

  • All presidential candidates shall have served on the Board the year prior to the election.


  • The Registrar shall be responsible for registering all participant member applicants within the club with OYSA, pending approval in accordance with bylaw 204 sec3.

  • The Registrar shall also be responsible for registering all Adult member applicants within the club with OYSA pending approval in accordance with bylaw 204 sec2.They shall certify birth dates as necessary and accept required forms and fees pertaining to registration from Club participants. All registration fees shall be given to the Treasurer for deposit.

  • The Registrar shall be a voting member of the Board and shall serve on the Executive Committee.The Board may appoint assistant registrars to assist the Registrar with his/her duties.Appointed Assistant Registrars have no voting authority nor sit on the Executive Committee.

Assistant Director Of Coaching (Position 2)

  • The Assistant Director of Coaching assists in the selection of all coaches for each age group.They also assist in the selection and training of evaluators for tryouts.

  • The primary responsibilities of the Assistant Director of Coaching will be to assist and oversee team head coaches and assistant coaches for teams as coordinated with Director of Coaching.

  • The Assistant Director of Coaching may be required to coach a specific age group team as determined by the needs of the Club.

  • In conjunction with the Field Coordinator, the Assistant Director of Coaching shall coordinate assignment of practice fields and times.

  • The Assistant Director of Coaching shall be a voting member of the board. Under the guidance of the Director of Coaching, the board can approval additional Assistant Directors of Coaching, if needed.

Field Coordinator

  • The Field Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating Club needs regarding field usage for practices and games.

  • The Field Coordinator shall maintain relationships with various agencies, area recreation clubs and arrange for usage of fields with park and school agencies. In addition, to ensuring fields are safe and prepared including field lining.

  • The Field Coordinator will coordinate with Team Head Coaches and the Assistant Director of Coaching, on the setup and removal of goals and nets.

  • In conjunction with the Assistant Director of Coaching, the Field Coordinator shall coordinate assignment of practicefields and times, designating and monitoring of game fields and adjusting field usage on an as needed basis in addition to notifying O.Y.S.A. of necessary field changes.

  • The Field Coordinator will review all field payment invoices for accuracy before submitting to the Treasurer.

  • The Field Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board.

Equipment Coordinator

  • The Equipment/Uniform Coordinator shall be responsible for the purchase of all uniforms and equipment for coaches.This will include equipment for playing fields.

  • They shall also conduct inventories, issuing, accountability, disposition of all uniforms, and coaches equipment.

  • The Equipment/Uniform Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board.

Communications Coordinator

  • The Communication Coordinator shall oversee the marketing, publicity and fundraising for the Club.

  • The Communications Coordinator shall be responsible for the Club website, media reporting, corporate and individual sponsorships and various fundraising activities.

  • The Communications Coordinator shall be a voting member of the Board.

Rec Club Liaison

  • The Rec Club Liaison will report to the recreation clubs current events within Thelo United Futbol and the classic soccer community.

  • The Rec Club Liaison also inform the classic club on current events within their respective recreational clubs. They will help promote the growth of soccer at all levels within the community through open lines of communication between their respective clubs and Thelo United Futbol board.

  • The Rec Club Liaison shall be a voting member of the Board.

Bylaws Revision - Refund Policy Addition

Part V - Administrative

Bylaw 501.    Budget

Section 1.      The Board shall establish a budget for each year within the first two months of the new fiscal year.

Section 2.       The Board shall cause review of financial statements by an independent source every five years to ensure current accounting practices are being met.

Section 3.       The Board shall cause tax reports be prepared and submitted to the IRS annually by May 15th per IRS rules for non-profit and tax exempt organizations.

Section 4.       The Treasurer shall provide financial statements acceptable to the board at each regular meeting of the Board or as otherwise directed.


Bylaw 502.  Refunds

Section 1. Unwillful Departure from Thelo. Examples of unwillful departure are: player has been seriously injured, moving out of area or other extreme circumstance. If departure takes place in pre-season refund will be based on board decision.

Youth - Prior to August 1st

High School - Prior to Supplemental Tryouts

If departure takes place after the start of the season, there will be no refund.


Section 2.        Willful Departure from Thelo. Examples of willful departure are: player chooses to leave Thelo to play for another club, player commits to team assignment and then later has other conflicts that will not allow them to compete on the team. Willful departure from Thelo will result in no refund of payments. (Remaining balance must be paid). A player’s card will not be released to another club until the player’s account has been paid in full.

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